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House Washing

Techniques for washing your house will vary based on the type of siding and the amount of soil present. Our preferred method of washing is what is referred to today as a "soft wash" with over 25 years' experience we developed and refined our own soft wash procedure, although we didn't have a name for it, now we do. We saw a need to minimize pressures and thus eliminate damage to the structure. The idea is rather than try to force the dirt off using high pressure, we would allow the correct cleaners to work on the dirt and mildew. Then use a much gentler pressure to rinse away the grime. About 85% of the houses we wash today employ the soft wash techniques which we developed.

Some pressure wash companies limit the type of house they'll wash companies limit the type of house they'll wash to strictly vinyl sided (which is the easiest to wash). We will take on any siding - Vinyl, Aluminum, Bare Wood, Painted/Stained Wood, Stucco, Painted Stucco, Fiber Cement Siding or whatever siding you have.

Other Aluminum Siding If your aluminum siding is more than ten years old then you need to read this: Older aluminum siding can present special problems. Aluminum will become pitted over time. This is especially true under the soffits and overhangs. Pitting appears as small circular dark spots, which are raised (braille like) and you can feel them with your hand. If your siding is pitted, there are three options. 1. Leave it. 2. Replace it. 3. Refinish it.

Aluminum oxidizes leaving a powdery residue, which will come off your finger when wiped. If you wipe your siding and no residue appears on your finger, then you're in luck the siding has a protective coating. A problem arises when the oxidation is the majority of, or only finmish left on the siding. The washing process will remove most of this oxidation. When removed it could reveal large areas of bare aluminum metal. usually when we estimate a house in this condition we spot this condition and inform the homeowner. At this point there are a few options. 1. Don't wash the house - the estimate is free. Unfortunately the house is still dirty. 2. Re-side the house - this can be quite costly. Wash the house - see what happens. Maybe the result is fine (I tell my customers to be prepared to re-finish if not acceptable. The prep is already done). 4. Re-finish the siding - We specialize in this process and offer a ten year warantee. - see below.

Gutter Cleanout

During the house wash process we clean the outside of your gutters but the critical part of the gutter is the inside (trough). A clogged gutter will spill water over its edge eventually causing all sorts of problems. When we clean out a gutter, we use a pressure washer not a scoop. There's no debris at the bottom when we're finished the gutter is spotless. Then we power wash the downspout, because a clean gutter and clogged downspout all have the sam results, major problems. We make sure that the gutter and downspouts both operate correctly.