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Decks and Furniture


There was a time when a deck was a rectangular wooden affair. Today decks come in all shapes sizes and materials, from exotic hardwoods to composite decks. All of these materials require an artist's touch to clean, too much pressure and the surface gets damaged. Any horizontal outdoor surface such as a deck takes a beating. Rain, snow, wind, tree debris and foot traffic, all conspire to dull the beauty and shorten the life of your deck. Cleaning a wood deck is just half the job, now you must apply a waterproof protective coating. We don't leave you hanging, once the deck is dry (checked with a moisture meter). We can apply a number of coatings ranging from a clear sealant, an oil, a stain (transparent, semitransparent, semisolid, or solid), or paint, all will protect and beautify your investment.

Outdoor Furniture

Give us the task of cleaning your patio furniture, and you won't be sorry. We'll save you time and effort to get your furniture spotless.

Patios decks and Driveways. A patio is similar to a deck in that it is a horizontal surface that takes a beating from mother nature. It is also a much harder surface (concrete, stone, and masonry), and therefore cleans up nicely with no damage from pressure. Mortar joints are a different matter, a solid mortar joint can take all the pressure we can dish out, but a damaged joint in need of refair may fail under pressure.


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